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Mikhail Senatorov, Vice Chairman of Central Bank of Russia – Welcoming talk
Matthieu de Heering (SWIFT) – Accelerating implementation: new ISO financial messaging standards and how they impact the Russian/CEE financial landscape
Eric KarpmanTechnical standard implementation for finance industry

Invited Talks

Vladimir Gabriel (Microsoft) – “Technology evolution and their impact on Russian bank industry: Microsoft vision”
Dmitry Gavrilov, IDR Technology Manger (IBM) – Cloud Computing
Michail Khassine (Deutsche Bank) – “Management of the software development department in the large financial organization”
Oleg Kurpatov (CBR) – “Lifecycle of large bundled software in the Bank of Russia”
Sergey Shelyagin (EPAM) – “IT approaches to risk management in the financial organizationn”

Regular Talks

Alexander Baranov (EPAM) – Using continuous integration for implementation of integration solutions (EAI), built on TIBCO infrastructure
Sergey Ivliev, Natasha SchukinaCase Study: Information-analytical system implementation in the West-Urals regional bank of Russian Savings bank
Anatoly Kaptsan (Compass plus) – Technological Platform RadixWare
Alexandra Moskvitina, Alexey Ilyin (Exigen Services) – Agile methodology introduction in heavy documented banking IT projects
Alexander Ulanov (Exigen Services) – Coordination of SOA/BPM application on example of a big bank
Dmitry Vikharev, Alexey Khrolenko (SU-HSE) – Practical implementation of compact e-cash. “mobiEcash
Diana Wainberg (Usethics) “Online bank with a human face