Cloud Computing

Dmitry Gavrilov



  • An Effective Cloud Deployment is Built on a Dynamic Infrastructure
  • IT infrastructure is reaching a breaking point
  • As the world gets smarter, demands on IT will grow
  • A Crisis of Complexity - The Need for Progress is Clear
  • Cloud Computing Delivery Models
  • Cloud Computing Deployment Models
  • Popular use cases for Cloud Computing
  • Making money and building your business with Cloud Computing
  • IBM Technical Adoption Program (TAP)? ROI Analysis
  • Approach and Reference Architecture)?

Dmitry Gavrilov

Dmitry Gavrilov


Dmitry Gavrilov (1968) has two high educations:

High school in Radio Engineering,Minsk. Radioengineering Institute (USSR), Belarus.
Business school in Economy and Financial Retraining School of Fishing Ministry, Russian Federation (Russia).

Dmitry Gavrilov attend IBM in 2005 as IDR Technology Manger