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Entinex (Hillel Glazer) – Love and Marriage: Why CMMI and Agile Need Each Other
Google (Lars Bak) – Pushing JavaScript performance
IBM (Grady Booch) – Best Practices in Software Architecture
Imperial College London (Alexander L. Wolf) – «Content-Based Networking: A New Communication Service»
Microsoft (Yuri Gurevich) – The security tower of Babel
Russian Venture Company (Igor Agamirzian) – Information Technologies in Innovation System of Russia
Tibco (Paul C. Brown) – Total Architecture: The Enterprise is the System

Invited Talks

EDS (Sergey Orlik) – Think Free
Happy-PM (Alexander Orlov) – Professional Testing Engineer
INGRIA Technopark (Ilya Antipov) – Structuring Software Spin-offs: Issues and Alternatives
Inspirex Consulting (Alexander Kondakov), Mera NN (Vladimir Khorev) – CMMI® implementation and appraisal: a view from two sides
Intelligence Business Alliance (Valery Kozyuminskiy) – «Developing software for critical systems: ensuring compliance with information security requirements»
Laboratory for Quality Software (Serguei Roubtsov, Alexander Serebrenik, Mark Van den Brand) – Dn-based Design Quality Comparison of Industrial Java Applications
Luxoft (Alexander Alexandrov) – «Обучение и консалтинг: единство и борьба противоположностей»
Sun Microsystems (Nikolay Igotti) – VirtualBox: Struggle for Performance in Type 2 Hypervisors
Independent expert (Sergey Arkhipenkov) – “All Models Are Wrong, But Some Are Useful”. Psychological Models In Software Team Management

Regular Talks

Auriga Inc. (Anton Khritankov) – “An Approach to Software Project Feasibility Study Using Stochastic Risk Model during Proposal Preparation”
CustIS (Andrew Bibichev) – “How to Design Large Scale Systems in Agile“
CustIS (Stanislav Fomin) – “The Cathedral or The Bazaar: Version Control — Centralized or Distributed?“
CustIS (Stanislav Fomin) – “Test management with Testopia — missing link?“
DIEE, e-XPerTeam, Flosslab (Giulio Concas, Sara Didaci, Dino Manca, Michele Marchesi, Marco Melis, Guido Porruvecchio) – “Regulus: a tool supporting agile and non-agile processes based on meta-information“
EMC2 (Artem Zarafyants) – “WBEM/CIM & WS-MAN technology application”
Exigen Services (Sergey Andrjeevskiy) – “Planning Game for offshore XP project“
Exigen Services (Sergey Rymsha, Vladimir Erofeev, Nikolai Shevelev) – “Agile project management for Media and Publishing industry”
Higher School of Economics (Nikita Sushkov, Sergey Zykov) – “Message System Refactoring Using DSL”
Higher School of Economics (Sergey Zykov) – “Designing patterns to support heterogeneous enterprise systems lifecycle”
Inspirex Consulting (Alexander Kondakov) – “CMMI® Appraisals: He who laughs last…”
Intel (Alexander Lazarev) – “Intel Parallel Studio - why, what for and how?”
Intetics (Oleg Ridchenko) – “Specifics of Entry-Level IT Project Managers in Eastern Europe”
Laboratory for Quality Software (Serguei Roubtsov, Alexander Serebrenik, Mark Van den Brand) – “Dn-based Design Quality Comparison of Industrial Java Applications”
Motorola (Dmitry Vavilov, Larisa Melikhova, Alexey Logunov) – “Perspectives of Digital TV applications development in Russia”
NIX Solutions (Julia Nechaeva) – “Catches of Testing Outsourcing”
Philadelphia University (Ali Khawaldeh) – “Simulation of Neurofuzzy Controller Design for Unstable and Non-linear Control Systems”
PVS (Andrey Karpov, Evgeniy Ryzhkov) – “Early errors detection in parallel programs”
Quest Software (Vladimir Gusarov) – “Team Foundation Server – is it luxury or means of transportation? Real life experience of the software product development”
SAP (Sebastian Wieczorek, Alin Stefanescu) – “Service Integration: A Soft Spot in the SOA Testing Stack”
Sheikhbahaee University (Saeid Kamari) – “Automatic Interface Generation of a Service Participating in Multiple Choreographies”
SPbSPU (Vladimir Itsykson, Mihail Moiseev, Vadim Cesko, Alexey Zaharov) – “Automatic Defects Detection in Industrial C/C++ Software”
SPBSU ITMO (Yuri Gubin, Anatoly Shalyto) – “Neuro-Automata Based Controlling”
St. Petersburg State University of Means of Communication (Anatoly Khomonenko, Alexey Tyrva) – “Estimation of Program Reverse Semantic Traceability Influence at Program Reliability with Assistance of Object-Oriented Metrics”
Sun Microsystems (Alexey Lyanguzov) – “Content Driven Testing: Practical Use in Software Testing”
Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (Anatoliy Doroshenko, Konstantin Zhereb) – “Automated Development of Applications for Graphical Processing Units Using Rewriting Rules“
The Irish Software Engineering Centre (Saadbin Abid) – “AutoMapCon: plug-in based approach for extracting traceability links and maintaining consistency in model-based product lines“
Tomsk polytechnic university (Stepan Bogdan, Anton Kudinov, Nikolay Markov) – “Example of implementation of MES Magistral-Vostok for oil and gas production enterprise“
University of Maribor (Andrej Krajnc, Marjan Hericko, Uros Goljat) – “Measuring the Advantages of the Software Factories Approach”
VC Mingorispolkom (Matvei Braginski) – “Software development process in our region“

Poster Talks

1C-Rarus (Yuriy Ovchinnikov, Olga Maksimenkova) – “Specificity of the collection requirements and the development in automation of the business-processes of the record keeping”
Aladdin-Systems (Sergei Khanzhin) – “Factors, Influencing on Working Efficiency in Process of Development or Adjustment of Software. Methods of Efficiency Enhancement”
BYTE-force (Andrew Mayorov) – “XSLT in Agile web development”
Cleverics (Dmitry Isaychenko) – “Life after implementation: operation-friendly software development”
College of Information Technology (Faheem Ahmed, Piers Campbell, Azam Beg, Luiz Fernando Capretz!) – “Soft Skills Requirements in Software Architecture’s Job: An Exploratory Study”
Kaspersky Lab. (Vadim Savkin) – “Software inspections in practice”
Luxoft (Dmitry Bashakin, Eugeny Chuvashov) – “Management of the distributed software development teams: practical recommendations”
Luxoft (Anton Grachev) – “Practical experience in implementation the solution of integrated software development project automation”
Petrozavodsk State University (Yury Bogoyavlenskiy, Anatoly Voronin, Dmitry Korzun, Alexandr Borodin, Alexandr Kolosov, Mikhail Kryshen) – “Programming for Open Platforms at Universities: Experience of Joint Activity of Petrozavodsk State University and Nokia University Cooperation Program”
SPbSPU (Vladimir Itsykson, Marat Akhin) – “A Regression Test Selection Technique Based on Incremental Dynamic Analysis”
SQALab LLC (Vladislav Orlikov) – “Run start-up in the economic instability situation”
Terrasoft (Julia Smoylovskaya) – “The criteria of system development methodology choice for the minimization of the time and resources”
Veliko Tarnovo University “St. Cyril and St. Methodius” (Vladimir Jotov) – “Towards a model of versioning domain”

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