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AutoMapCon: plug-in based approach for extracting traceability links and maintaining consistency in model-based product lines

Saadbin Abid



Model-based software product lines (MBSPLs) consist of related set of modeled product line artifacts.

Consistency management of related modeled artifacts in MBSPLs can be a really hard challenge. In same MBSPL different models are developed in distributed environment. Traceability management and maintaining consistency across different models is a challenge which product line researchers are currently working with. Different frameworks are established for maintaining consistency in model-driven development but very few are focusing on MBSPLs consistency. Tool support for analyzing and maintaining consistency in MBSPLs is not sufficient. We have given a concept of maintaining traceability links to analyze and manage consistency in MBSPLs. Our idea is to provide tool support for extracting and establishing traceability links between modeled product line artifacts. Initially built approach AutoMapCon is developed in MBSPL context. We established traceability links between modeled artifacts in example modeled product line and applied Eclipse Junit test cases on established traceability to analyze consistency between modeled artifacts.

Keywords: Traceability; consistency checking; model-based software product lines; Junit test cases.

Saadbin Abid

Saadbin Abid


Working as a Doctoral Researcher in Lero-The Irish Software Engineering Centre. I completed my masters from Jonkoping University in Information Engineering with Major in Software Engineering.
Within Lero he is working in SPL3 project (Model-Based Product Derivation in software product lines) under Dr. Goetz Botterweck supervision.
His research work is aimed at change management in model-based Software Product Lines (SPLs).

Other areas of interests are:

  • Consistency checking in Model-Based Product Lines
  • Traceability meta modelling
  • Visualization of traceability links
  • Model-Based Product Derivation in Software Product Lines
  • Traceability management (TM) in Models
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Techniques
  • Evolutionary algorithms
  • Data Mining techniques
  • Domain Engineering in Software Product Lines

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