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RadixWare is a technological platform for corporate-level information systems such as processing, Front and Back Office banking systems, ERP, MES, CRM etc. RadixWare has the following main peculiarities:

  • Model driven development - the model contains the description of the whole system from the database structure, business logic, interaction protocols to the presentation logic.
  • Declarative programming style - the product is not, for the most part, coded in any programming language, but is described by means of dialog control tools.
  • Comprehensive development environment - all the system components are developed in an integrated environment.
  • Application lifecycle management - the platform supports development, coding, debugging, testing, issue of releases, distribution kits and service packs for customers, installation and testing of updates and putting them into operation, fixing of bugs, preparation of patches etc.

RadixWare is developed as an open source project.

Anatoly Kaptsan

Anatoly Kaptsan


Anatoly Kaptsan –the chief designer and lead developer of the technological platforms and application software of Compass Plus. He lives and works in Russia. He is Ph.D in the field of theoretical physics. During his professional activity (since 1998), Anatoly has participated in creating several technological platforms and development tools: RCS, Flora, DBP and RadixWare as well as in designing and developing a number of software products in the field of electronic payments and banking automation.

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