Example of implementation of MES Magistral-Vostok for oil and gas production enterprise

Stepan Bogdan, Anton Kudinov, Nikolay Markov


Tomsk Polytechnic University

Stepan Bogdan

Stepan Bogdan

Today’s trend in automation of the large industrial enterprises is filling of intermediate layer between low level systems of automation and control systems of the whole enterprise (ERP and BI). Traditionally MES, which users are engineers and analysts, here apply for a link role. The majority of the systems presented in the market have a narrow branch orientation. It is caused by complexity of balance between the flexibility of architectural and interface decisions necessary for expansion of systems, and convenience to the user, wishing to have the simple tool for performing the daily tasks.

Design and implementation of such systems is followed for a number of serious problems, as characteristic for developing of the big distributed information systems, as a specific for MES. An experience of solving such problems on example of developing MES “Magistral-Vostok” by TPU is considered. This system is well-known in oil and gas branch, but having wider limits of use.