Causal Analysis: Rational Simplicity Works0

Grigory Gusev



Causal Analysis is a powerful process improvement tool and a required practice in ISO and CMMI. Since wide use of the traditionally recommended methods of analysis requires much effort, many companies prefer formal implementation of the analysis for “certification” purpose only, thereby losing a beneficial opportunity.

According to Luxoft experience, the two major challenges of the causal analysis are selection of problems and defects, correction and prevention of which is most effective; and finding as deep as possible root causes underlying those problems. One of the possible solutions to the problems is within the simplest causal analysis methods and determined procedures on the project level combined with complicated quantitative analysis on the organizational level. The results are proved by effective treatment of the root causes, improved process indicators, and wide implementation of the practice.


Гусев Григорий

Гусев Григорий

15 years of information technology experience, 6 latest years in the area of software process improvement and CMMI appraisal. Design, maintenance and optimization of the software process architecture, process automation requirements, process implementation monitoring and control, and process trainings.

Graduated from the Moscow State Technical University named after Bauman as rocket engine designer in 1995. Since 1994 was a test designer and then system analyst in the software development and maintenance companies. In 2003 to 2007 was a process engineer at Auriga (software outsourcing, CMMI v1.1 Level 4); organized quality system design and implementation in the emerging and existing projects; developed and delivered process and process automation system trainings; established project internal audits. Since February 2007 was a senior process engineer in the Luxoft company (CMMI-DEV v1.2 Level 5) and since October 2008 is an SEPG Manager in the Luxoft Aerospace delivery center; optimizing and sustaining of the project processes for a leading US aerospace company, including customer process integration. Participated in the several CMMI Class A, B & C appraisals