Specifics of Entry-Level IT Project Managers
in Eastern Europe

Oleg Ridchenko



In IT outsourcing efficient collaboration between customer on one side and project manager of IT company on the other side is a critical factor of success. Often customers from Western Europe or United States try building the collaboration with IT companies from Eastern Europe without taking into account specifics of project managers, mentality and cultural differences. This leads to conflict situations, miscommunication and missed expectations.

Some authors [1,2] researched specifics of management in Russia in comparison to western management style.

In this paper we outline the specifics of IT-related management practices and entry-level project managers from Eastern European countries such as Russia, Belarus or Ukraine. Understanding these specifics prevents many conflicts between customers and managers. We suggest methodology that allows customers and IT companies to evaluate project managers’ performance in 5 different aspects. The methodology allows customers to set realistic expectations about the management process and to have better control over it. The evaluation also allows IT companies to adjust educational programs for their managers.

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Oleg Ridchenko

Oleg Ridchenko


Oleg Ridchenko is Director Project Management at Intetics — a leading global outsourcing company focused on creation and operation of remote IT business units, software development and offshore staff augmentation. Oleg heads project managers in Minsk development office of the company and is responsible for corporate management process reviews and improvements, education and training of project managers, supervision of management processes on the projects. For more than 10 years working within the company, Oleg has successfully managed and monitored many of its major projects, acted as a project enabler, and played a key role in setting up efficient PM and development processes.

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